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Unformatted text preview: Intelligence Intelligence "How ...is The " smart are you???" a stupid question... right question is: In which way are you smart???" What is intelligence? Charles Spearman G = general intelligence Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences Linguistic Ability intelligence shown by great writers & poets (good verbal expression) Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences 8 kinds of intelligence Linguistic intelligence Spatial intelligence Logical-mathematical intelligence Musical intelligence Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence Interpersonal intelligence Intrapersonal intelligence Nature Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences Spatial intelligence Ability shown by those w/superior navigation skills or ability to visualize spatial scenes Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences Logical-mathematical Ability intelligence displayed by superior scientists & logical problem solvers Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences Musical Type intelligence of ability displayed by gifted musicians/child prodigies Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence Ability shown by gifted athletes, dancers, surgeons Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences Intra-personal Ability intelligence shown by someone who has great insight into his/her own feelings & emotions Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences Inter-personal Ability intelligence shown by those who can easily infer others' moods, temperaments, intentions, & motivations Intrapersonal & Interpersonal intelligence together = EQ (Emotional Intelligence) Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences Nature Sternberg's Triarchic Theory Robert Sternberg Analytic intelligence Creative intelligence Practical intelligence Sternberg's Triarchic Theory (cont'd) Analytic Ability intelligence to process information Strong reasoning & logical ability Sternberg's Triarchic Theory (cont'd) Creative intelligence Expresses how well people are able to cope with new tasks; develop unique solutions Sternberg's Triarchic Theory (cont'd) Practical how intelligence well people fit into their environments solve problems that are uniquely posed by their cultural surroundings (street smarts) What is intelligence? (cont'd) Fluid intelligence = ability to solve problems, reason & remember Uninfluenced by experience Decreases with age Crystallized intelligence = knowledge & abilities acquired as a result of experience (from schooling & culture) Increases with age 3 principles of test construction Standardization So your score can be compared to others Reliability Yield dependently consistent scores Validity Measures what it is supposed to WAIS R WAIS R = IQ test Verbal IQ (digit span; arithmetic) Performance IQ Subtests of WAIS R = best predictor Vocabulary of verbal IQ Block Design = baseline test of performance IQ IQ Test 130 + 120 129 110 119 90 109 80 89 70 79 69 under >>>> >>>> >>>> >>>> >>>> >>>> >>>> Very Superior Superior High Average Average Low Average Borderline Mentally Retarded WAIS R (cont'd) Also gives a personality profile For example: Schizophrenics do worse on picture arrangement & comprehension Depressed, tend to do well on baseline and poor on other tests Is intelligence inherited? Identical twins reared together & identical twins reared apart things being equal) BIOLOGY TENDS TO OVERRIDE ENVIRONMENT! (all Genogram Genogram = diagram of family history Stephanie has an IQ of ______. What does that say about her intelligence? A. 100: she is of "Very Superior" Intelligence B. 100; she is of "Average" Intelligence C. 71; she is mentally retarded D. 120; she is of average intelligence E. 90; she is in the "Borderline" range _________ is a therapeutic intervention that focuses on insight. Whereas ______ has no concern for insight. A. behavior therapy; psychoanalysis B. psychoanalysis; behavior therapy C. psychoanalysis; self psychology D. drug therapy; psychoanalysis E. behavior therapy; drug therapy ...
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