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Unformatted text preview: EMOTION BIO PSYCHO SOCIAL Facial expressions of emotions tend to be universal suggests emotions may be biological in origin Basic Emotions Anger Fear Happiness Sadness Facial Feedback Hypothesis: Izard Facial expression dictates emotion Fake it till you Make it: Acting "as if" Role play: Confidence Happiness Being the person you want to be Gestures **Not universal** Greece: worst insult dating back to ancient times Africa: you bastard--you have 5 fathers Gestures: Open Palm West Gestures: Thumbs Up Australia: Up yours! you're #1 Germany: Japan: Brazil: the #5 up yours used to point Malaysia: Gestures: Thumb & Forefinger Most countries means money something France: perfect Mediterranean: a vulgar gesture France: you are a "zero" Japan: please give me coins Brazil: an obscene gesture Mediterranean countries: an obscene gesture Gestures: OK sign What is he saying???? JamesLang theory of Emotion Cannon-Bard's theory theory of Emotion Cannon-Bard's theory of Emotion Simultaneous experience of Emotion & Body response 2 factor theory of Emotion Theories of Emotion (cont'd) Two-Factor All theory our emotions are made of the same diffuse physiological arousal we put a label on it & depending on what we label it, we then experience that emotion Then Theories of Happiness Adaptation Level Phenomenon tendency to form judgments relative to our prior experience We Our adapt to a given level & react to changes from that level Theories of Happiness Relative Deprivation Theory: the perception that one is worse off relative to those with whom one compares oneself We engage in social downward comparison-- compare self with others MOTIVATION BIO PSYCHO SOCIAL Instinct early We Theory 1900's do what we do because there is an instinct to do so BIO PSYCHO SOCIAL Psychoanalytic Libido Theory **primitive sexual & aggressive energy Psychoanalytic theory Sublimation: Re-channeling unacceptable feelings or impulses Coming up with more socially acceptable ways of expressing sexual & aggressive impulses BIO PSYCHO SOCIAL Behaviorist Social Theory environment: things we're rewarded for we continue to do Behaviorist Theory (cont'd) Leper, Magic Green, Ross Marker Study: Intrinsic Motivation Children would make pictures with magic markers all day if they were allowed to Behaviorist Theory (cont'd) Magic Marker Study Behaviorist Theory (cont'd) Controlling Rewards decrease Intrinsic Motivation Informative Rewards Increase Intrinsic Motivation Humanistic Theory: Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Humanistic Theory (cont'd) Motivated to have a vocation--what they are passionate about (top) theory Y People motivated by jobs where they do it for the paycheck (bottom of triangle) Theory X Cognitive Theory Motivated because it tells me WHO I AM usually in reference to others YerkesDodson Theory (Law) YerkesDodson Theory (Law) Motivated to reach optimal level of arousal Optimum level will be different for everyone Opponent Process Theory (Bio) Biologically If wired to be in balance feeling ecstatic one day, may feel a little lower the next Every emotion triggers an opposing emotion that fights it Internal Push (Bio) + External Pull (Social) **Hunger pushes w/in self to tell self to eat **External forces pull eating pattern The type of therapy that focuses on non-direct methods and becoming a fully functioning person (selfactualization) is: A) B) C) D) Rational Emotive Therapy Group Therapy Humanistic Therapy Cognitive Behavioral Therapy ...
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