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Unformatted text preview: MEMORY MEMORY is not a tape recorder!!! Memory Construction: eye witness testimonies Beth Loftus Memory Construction Reality monitoring (source memory confusion) Johnson Marcia SCREEN memories Think of a childhood memory? you see yourself in it? Do Memory Construction In screen memories we see ourselves in the memory As if it is on TV Our eyes are on our face So how is it that we see the self in a memory? Flashbulb Memory A clear memory of an emotionally significant moment or event Very Vivid detailed Memory is... Bits of Veridical...relics form the past Frontal Lobe (story teller) fills in the gaps Library Analogy of Memory ENCODE STORE RETRIEVAL Library Analogy of Memory ENCODE Books put on shelf Memory Systems Short Term Memory (STM)--a limited capacity memory system used to hold information Usually lasts less than a minute or two System we use to temporarily store & reason with information Sensory Memory Shortest form of memory Iconic Memory Brief memory of a large amount of VISUAL information (quarter of second) Echoic Memory Brief memory of auditory information 3.5 4 seconds Lasts Mnemonics Memory Aids that involve the use of vivid imagery or Clever ways of organizing the material Mnemonics (cont'd) Acrostic--a series of written lines in which the 1st, last, or other particular letters form a word phrase Roy G Biv `Every good boy does fine' Mnemonics (cont'd) Acronym--a SCUBA FBI IRS word formed from the initial letters of words in a phrase Storage Problems Amnesia Trauma DID in store: forgetting Repression Amnesia Retrograde Amnesia--memory loss for events that happened prior to the point of brain injury Amnesia--memory loss for Amnesia events that happen after the point of physical injury Anterograde Amnesia (cont'd) Infantile Amnesia Retrieval STM LTM Procedural Memory Episodic Memory Semantic Memory Memory Systems (cont'd) Long Term Memory (LTM)--memory system used to maintain information for long periods of time Episodic Memory--memory for a Memory particular event or episode that happened to you personally What you ate for breakfast this morning Where you went on vacation last year Semantic Memory--knowledge about the world stored as facts that make little or no reference to one's personal experiences Procedural Riding Memory--knowledge about Memory how to do things a bike Swinging a golf club Retrieval Context Dependent Memory--memory depends on certain situation or environment State Dependent Memory-- memory dependent on mood or mental state De ja vu' ???? Overconfidence Phenomenon The tendency to overestimate the accuracy of our current knowledge The in class exercise shows: can be very confident and very wrong We ...
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