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PSY 120 Alternate Projects To Satisfy the Research Requirement Students who do not wish to participate as subjects in the department's on-going research projects may fulfill the PSY 120 research requirement by satisfactorily completing the alternate projects described below. These alternate projects involve relating current newsstand material to research studies described in your text or in lecture. You are to evaluate statements from a number of papers or articles equivalent to the number of research participation credits required. One paper equals two credits, the equivalent to participation in a one-hour experiment session. No more than two statements are to come from the same article. Each evaluation should be at least one typewritten/printed page long and no more than three pages. Remember, it is not how much you write, but what you write that counts. 1. Include a copy of a newspaper or magazine article published within the last year. This article should concern a topic of interest to psychologists (and to you!).
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