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Unformatted text preview: Does your PSY 120 grade need a boost??? Do this extra credit assignment Extra credit: 10% points to one exam (76%+10%= 86%) Make an observation of people somewhere and then generate a hypothesis about a pattern of behavior In a 5 page paper explore the above question by following the steps described next: 1. Go to google and look at a few articles (or find information) that discuss this topic. Summarize, in your own words what you have read and then articulate the specific hypothesis. (1/2 page) 2. create a survey (5-10 questions) that asks questions about your topic. 1.......2.......3......4......5.........6.........7 Agree Disagree 3. Your subject pool should include at least 10participants. 4. describe your results. 5. Discussion: here is where based on your results you speculate about what the results might mean You can mention the literature and also put in your own opinion here. ...
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