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PSY 120: INTRODUCTION TO PSYCHOLOGY INTRODUCTION TO PSYCHOLOGY Instructor: Carol M. Donnelly, Ph.D., LCP Licensed Clinical Psychologist Email: [email protected] Fall, 2008 Division: 04 Meets Tuesday & Thursday: 3:00 – 4:15 p.m. Division: 06 Meets Tuesday & Thursday: 4:30 – 5:45 p.m Building: CL50 224 Office: Psychological Sciences Building, Room 3140 Office phone: 49-40436 (emergencies only, please ) Teaching Assistants: Tobin Cho                     PSY 3198     ph 48667          [email protected] Alex Khislavsky             PSY 1158     ph 47659          [email protected] Alia Mehta Jackson       PSY 2190    ph 46905          [email protected] Don Lustenberger          PSY 2198    ph 46906          [email protected] Matthew Powers            PSY 1256    ph 40720           [email protected] Psychology is a science that seeks to answer all sorts of questions about us all: how we think, feel and act. Goal: The goal of this course will be to survey and introduce the basic areas of psychology. My motive in teaching this course is to "whet your appetite" for future in-depth study of more specific areas in Psychology. I embrace the, “Biological-Psychological- Socio/Cultural-Spiritual” model of human beings. This is the perspective I use as a psychotherapist and it is the ‘golden thread’ that ties all the chapters together in this course. This goal will be accomplished through my lectures and through your class participation. As the days of this course elapse, you will find the class much more intriguing if you keep up with the chapters in the text that are pertinent to the class lecture. Further, because you will be tested on both lecture and text material, keeping up with the readings will enhance
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