HISTORY 151 Syllabus Spring 20111

HISTORY 151 Syllabus Spring 20111 - HISTORY 15100-001...

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HISTORY 15100-001 AMERICAN HISTORY TO 1877 SPRING 2011 Professor Michael A. Morrison Office Hours: Office: University Hall 123 Monday 12:00-1:00 p.m. Phone : 463-0087 (home) E-mail : [email protected] (work) [email protected] (home) Course Description : This course explores American history from the beginning of European settlements to the end of the Reconstruction of the Union. It has three interrelated objectives. The first is to introduce some of the major themes, events, and personalities in the period so as to give the student a basic framework of the American past. Second, it attempts to develop the student’s ability to understand some of the interpretive problems historians encounter and debate in explaining the past. Third, our goal is to develop critical thinking and other related skills that students can deploy in other classes and in their own personal and professional lives. “The only thing new in the world is the history you don’t know.” Harry S. Truman Required Reading : Alan Brinkley , The Unfinished Nation: A Concise History of the American People, Volume 1 (6 th ed.) Elliott J. Gorn, Randy Roberts, and Terry D. Bilhartz, eds., Constructing the American Past: A Source Book of a People’s History, Volume 1 (7 th ed.) The assigned readings are available for purchase at Follett’s and University Bookstores. You might also find used copies at various online vendors. The text ( Unfinished Nation ) and reader ( Constructing the American Past ) are also available on reserve in the Undergraduate Library. Course Outline and Reading Assignments for lectures : 1. Discovery, Exploration and First Settlements January 10-14 READ: Chapters 1 (entire) and 2 (pp. 29-35) in Unfinished Nation Chapter 1 (pp. 20-31) in Constructing the American Past 2. Errand into the Wilderness: The Puritan Experience January 17-21 READ: Chapter 2 (pp. 36-42) in Unfinished Nation Chapters 2 (pp. 32-46) in Constructing the American Past 3. The Growth of Colonial British North America January 24-26 READ: Chapter 2 (42-52) and Chapter 3 (entire) in Unfinished Nation 4. The Founding of a Nation: The American Revolution, 1763-1783 January 28-February 7 READ: Chapter 4 (entire) in Unfinished Nation
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Chapter 5 (pp. 98-110) in Constructing the American Past First In-class exam, Friday, February 11 th 5. We the People: The Origins of the American Constitution February 14-18 READ: Chapter 5 (pp. 131-39) and Chapter 6 (pp.141-51) in Unfinished Nation Chapter 5 (pp. 111-15) in Constructing the American Past 6. Securing the Revolution: The Early Years of the American Republic February 21-March 4 READ: Chapter 6 (pp. 151-60) and Chapters 7 (entire) and 8 (entire) in Unfinished Nation Chapter 6 (entire) in Constructing the American Past 7. The Age of Jackson, 1824-1844 March 7-March 23 READ: Chapter 9 (entire), Chapter 10 (entire) in Unfinished Nation Chapter 8 (entire) and Chapter 10 (entire) in Constructing the American Past Second In-class exam, Friday, March 25
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HISTORY 151 Syllabus Spring 20111 - HISTORY 15100-001...

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