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History 151 Lecture 19 Outline “The Compromise of 1850” and the Origins of the Kansas Nebraska Act 1. The Compromise of 1850 in perspective a) North’s Reaction b) South’s Reaction c) When is a Compromise not a “compromise”? 2. The 1852 Campaign a) The Issue of “Finality” b) Whigs go to the well—well not so well—one more time: Winfield Scott c) Democrats and Young Hickory d) Pierce’s Triumph and Tragedy 3. The Origins of the Kansas Nebraska Act a) Stephen Douglas and the Transcontinental Railroad b) Stephen Douglas and the Democratic Party c) Stephen Douglas and the Kansas Nebraska Act Repeal of the Missouri Compromise Line
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Unformatted text preview: • Public Reaction: Effigies and Rebellion 4. Bleeding Kansas a) The practical issue of popular sovereignty: New England Emigrant Aid Society b) The electoral chaos of the March 1855 election c) The creation of a “shadow” free government d) The “Sack of Lawrence” e) John Brown’s revenge: The Pottawatomie Massacre May 1856 5. The Caning of Charles Sumner a) “The Crime against Kansas” speech May 1856 b) Bully Brooks and Southern Honor c) The collapse of law, order and civility: Popular Sovereignty as a battle ground, not a middle ground...
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