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History 151 Lecture 21 Outline The South and Slavery 1. The growth of the Cotton Kingdom a) Westward Expansion and the growth of cotton b) The importance of the Cotton Gin to American Agriculture c) Slaves as commodities: The buying and selling of humans d) Cotton Production and Slave Distribution 2. Slavery at the micro-level a) Small Farms (6 slaves or less) b) Medium sized (10-20 slaves) c) The Plantation System 3. Slave Life a) Housing b) Clothing c) Diet d) Personal life e) Treatment 4. White Ideology a) Shift from the early nineteenth century to late antebellum period: necessary evil=>positive good b) The (il)logic of inferiority c) Slavery and nonslaveholding whites: Republican myth and Southern “reality”
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Unformatted text preview: • Myth : Southern Politics aristocratic/ Reality : The south as the stronghold of democracy • Myth: Planters control politics and society of south/Reality: Southern politics turns on the exploitation of hostility to planters • Myth : Slavery contradicts equality and undermines liberty—it degrades whites/ Reality : slavery promotes equality by dividing the south along race lines (rather than class) and promotes liberty by preventing white nonslaveholders from being exploited • Myth : Northern Society is superior/ Reality : South stands for America, North is alien, un-American d) Nonslaveholders and the Territorial Issue...
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