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History 151 Lecture 23 Outline Secession and the Coming of the American Civil War 1. The Abolitionist Conspiracy Defined: John Brown and Harpers Ferry a) Brown’s plan for a free black state b) The attack on Harpers Ferry (October 16, 1859) c) The Trial and the discovery of the “Secret Six” d) The South reacts e) Republicans and abolitionists 2. The impending crisis: the approach of the 1860 election a) Democrats—the final political bond of national politics snap National/Northern Democrats: Douglas and Popular Sovereignty Constitutional/Southern Democrats: Breckinridge, Dred Scott , and protection of slavery in the territories Republicans: Abraham Lincoln and Wilmot’s proviso Constitutional Union Party: Bell and “The Constitution of the Country, the Union of the States, and the Enforcement of the Laws” 3. The 1860 Campaign a) Lincoln v. Douglas in the North
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Unformatted text preview: b) Breckinridge v. Bell in the South c) Sectional Miscalculations d) The impact of the territorial issue on National Politics • No common vision of, or mutually acceptable solution to, the territorial issue • No party can exist as a truly national unit • A functional political system? e) The outcome 4. The South Secedes a) The issue of Lincoln’s Nomination b) The issue of Lincoln’s Platform c) The issue of Lincoln’s Support d) The end of self-government e) Secession 5. The North Reacts a) Lincoln’s constitutional election b) The slavepower ascendant c) The end of constitutional governance and democracy 6. Lincoln’s Inauguration a) The importance of the Union of the States b) The calling out of the troops c) The Gettysburg Address 7. The American Civil War and the American Experiment...
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