Lecture 26A South and Slavery

Lecture 26A South and Slavery - Micah Childress 151 Lecture...

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Unformatted text preview: Micah Childress 151 Lecture 11.18.09 Slavery Slavery Western Expansion & Growth of U.S. Ag The Growth of "King Cotton" 1810: 1/7th Americans Live West of App. Mtns. 1840: 1/3rd Americans Live West of App. Mtns. Cotton Culture to 1793 Eli Whitney and the Cotton Gin The Growth of Cotton Cultivation & Cotton Culture 1800: 10,000 Bales of Cotton 1860: 5 Million Bales of Cotton Slave Distribution Among Whites Nonslaveholders: 64% 5 Slaves or Less: 18% 650 Slaves: 15.5% 50 or More Slaves: 2.5% Slavery Varieties of Slavery & Slave Experiences Small Farm: Supervision MediumSized Farm: Specialization, Supervision Issue of Privacy Plantation: Specialization, Supervision, Hierarchy Slave Life: Housing & Subsistence Slavery Slave Culture Basic Conditions ... Very Basic Slavery as a Way of Life Nonslaveholders: Color vs. Class Personal Life Family Life Religious Life Cultural Life Adaptation; Two Paths ...
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