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Group 1 Code of Conduct There will no excused absences unless at least one group member is previously informed You must attend no less than half of a meeting or it counts as an absence Each member must attend meetings prepared or they will be given more work to compensate If you miss a meeting, you have to bring everyone in the group a treat For each unexcused absence, a point is automatically taken off the group member evaluation form All members must be present the day of the group presentation and must provide copies of their portion for the rest of the group at least a day in advance The group promises to practice their presentation until all members of the group
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Unformatted text preview: are comfortable with the presentation • No group meetings before 10 a.m. or on Friday or Saturday evenings • All members should be respectful and considerate of other group members’ ideas • A majority of the group can ask a member to rework their part of the presentation. Such a request must be presented in a constructive manner. • All members are expected to give 100 percent effort to the project. • Each group member is expected to do an equal share of the work • Majority rules on issues that cannot be decided unanimously Signed: (group members’ signatures)...
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