Syllabus Fall 2011 revised

Syllabus Fall 2011 revised - FN 30300: ESSENTIALS OF...

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FN 30300: ESSENTIALS OF NUTRITION FALL SEMESTER 2011 Donna L. Zoss, MS, RD Class Period: MWF 2:30 PM Stone Hall 207 Location: CL 50 Phone: 496-2975 Office Hours: M 3:30 pm Off-campus phone: 447-4791 or by appointment E-mail: [email protected] Teaching Assistants E-mail Office Office Hours Rachel Rogers [email protected] Smith 160 Tues 12:30-1:20 pm Yun Wang wang [email protected] STON G-54 Thurs 3 - 4 pm Student TA Assignments Last name A to L - Rachel Rogers M to Z - Yun Wang Course Objectives The student will…. -acquire a knowledge base of well established scientific concepts in the field of nutrition. -recognize the dynamic nature of nutrition science. -apply practical nutrition knowledge to personal and professional life. -analyze current issues in nutrition and separate fact from fallacy. -evaluate personal food intake and energy use to promote nutrition awareness. -identify and implement healthful nutrition/lifestyle habits. Text: Thompson, J. and Manore, M. Nutrition: An Applied Approach, 3rd edition. Pearson Education, Inc., 2011. The book can be purchased at the local bookstores. A copy of the text will be on reserve at the Undergraduate Library. Class Notes: T he syllabus and the project descriptions will be posted on Blackboard.
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Grading: Course grades will be determined by performance on daily quizzes and attendance (175 points), online midterm and final assessments (100 points), and three projects (150 points). An additional 30 extra credit points will be available from bonus questions (up to 20 points) and for completing the optional third part of the project (up to 10 points). Grades will be posted on Blackboard. Total points = 425 points with 30 extra credit points available Grading scale: A+: 412 – 425 points A: 395 – 413 points A-: 383 – 396 points B+: 370 – 382 points B: 353 – 369 points B-: 340 – 354 points C+: 327 – 341 points C: 310 – 326 points C-: 298 – 309 points D+: 285 – 297 points D: 268 – 284 points D-: 255 – 269 points F: < 254 points Quizzes: A quiz worth 5 points will be given EVERY DAY of lecture. Each quiz will take 5 to 10 minutes to complete. Questions on the quiz will pertain to information covered during the lecture and the corresponding reading assignment. The five lowest scores from regular quizzes (whether due to absence or poor performance) will be dropped. The maximum possible points to accumulate from the regular quizzes are 170 points (34 X 5 points). There will be no make-up quizzes. Bonus Questions - Bonus questions will be offered periodically throughout the semester to earn extra credit. During the last week of classes, attendance points (up to 5 points total) will be available in addition to bonus questions. A total of 20 extra credits points can be earned. Assessments:
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Syllabus Fall 2011 revised - FN 30300: ESSENTIALS OF...

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