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Gender bender directions

Gender bender directions - Please use this rubric as a...

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Gender Bending Exercise Cover Sheet In the 1960s, civil rights demonstrations, antiwar actions, and consciousness-raising proved to a cohort of women that the personal was political. Acts considered commonplace today were then perceived as outrageous and outraging: keeping one’s own surname after marriage, openly choosing to love another woman, wearing pants to the office. For your midterm project, you will think of an “outrageous act” that would elicit gender policing today , perform this act, describe your feelings about being outrageous, recount the reactions of others, and analyze the gendered scenario you provoked. You will chronicle your adventure in a 3-4 page paper, to be submitted in hard copy (as per syllabus guidelines) on March 5.
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Unformatted text preview: Please use this rubric as a cover page for your paper. ***************************************************************************** * Student Name: ____________________________________ Total Points: /100 Date: __________________ Letter Grade: ________ The Act _____________________________ Instructor approved act by February 2 ____________ (10 pts) The Analysis Student described the gendered nature of act ____________ (30 pts) Student connected performance of act to course material ____________ (25 pts) Student connected the reaction of observers to course material ____________ (15 pts) The Paper Student adhered to style guidelines (per syllabus) ____________ (10 pts) Quality of student writing ____________ (10 pts) Instructor Comments...
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