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Collectivization in the Soviet Union: A Peasant's Report Ivan Trofimovivh Chuyunkov (1930) For a long time I have wanted to write you about what you have written on collectivization in your newspaper Nasha Derevnya. In the first place I will give you my address so that you will not suspect that I am a kulak or one of his parasites. I am a poor peasant. I have one hut, one barn, one horse, 3 dessyatins[1] of land, and a wife and three children. Dear Comrades, as a subscriber to your newspaper . .. I found in No. 13/85 for February 15 a letter from a peasant who writes about the life of kolkhoz construction. I, a poor peasant, reading this letter, fully agreed with it. This peasant described life in the kolkhoz completely correctly. Isn't it true that all the poor peasants and middle peasants do not want to go into the kolkhoz at all, but that you drive them in by force? For example, I'll take my village soviet of Yushkovo. A brigade of soldiers came to us. This brigade went into all the occupied homes, and
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