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European Imperialism in Africa

European Imperialism in Africa - European Imperialism in...

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European Imperialism in Africa: A Veteran Explains the Rules of the Game Sir Henry Stanley (1909) Some explorers say: "One must not run through a country, but give the people time to become acquainted with you, and let their worst fears subside." Now on the expedition across Africa I had no time to give, either to myself or to them. The river bore my heavy canoes downward; my goods would never have endured the dawdling requirement by the system of teaching every tribe I met who I was. To save myself and my men from certain starvation, I had to rush on and on, right through. But on this expedition, the very necessity of making roads to haul my enormous six- ton wagons gave time for my reputation to travel ahead of me. My name, purpose, and liberal rewards for native help, naturally exaggerated, prepared a welcome for me, and transformed my enemies of the old time into workmen, friendly allies, strong porters, and firm friends. I was greatly forbearing also; but, when a fight was inevitable, through open violence, it was sharp and decisive. Consequently, the natives rapidly
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