Napoleon I Enlightens Spain

Napoleon I Enlightens Spain - Napoleon I...

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Napoleon I "Enlightens" Spain Napoleon I (1808) To date from the publication of the present decree, feudal rights are abolished in Spain. All personal obligations, all exclusive fishing rights and other rights of similar nature on the coast or on rivers and streams, all feudal monopolies ( banalites ) of ovens, mills, and inns are suppressed. It shall be free to every one who shall conform to the laws to develop his industry without restraint. The tribunal of the Inquisition is abolished, as inconsistent with the civil sovereignty and authority. The property of the Inquisition shall be sequestered and fall to the Spanish state, to serve as security for the bonded debt. Considering that the members of the various monastic orders have increased to an undue degree and that, although a certain number of them are useful in assisting the ministers of the altar in the administration of the sacraments, the existence of too great a number interferes with the prosperity of the state, we have decreed and do decree as follows:
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Napoleon I Enlightens Spain - Napoleon I...

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