The Napoleon Code Regulates Gender

The Napoleon Code Regulates Gender - 230. The wife may...

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The Napoleonic Code Regulates Gender Napoleon I (1804) Of the Rights and Respective Duties of Husband and Wife 212. Husband and wife mutually owe to each other fidelity, succor, and assistance. 213. The husband owes protection to his wife, the wife obedience to her husband. 214. The wife is obliged to live with her husband, and to follow him wherever he may think proper to dwell; the husband is bound to receive her, and to furnish her with everything necessary for the purposes of life, according to his means and condition. 215. The wife can do no act in law without the authority of her husband. ... Of Causes of Divorce 229. The husband may demand divorce for cause of adultery on the part of his wife.
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Unformatted text preview: 230. The wife may demand divorce for cause of adultery on the part of her husband, where he shall have kept his concubine in their common house. Of the Effects of Divorce 298. In the case of divorce allowed at law for cause of adultery, the guilty party can never marry his or her accomplice. The adulterous wife shall be condemned by the same judgment, and upon the requisition of the public ministry, to confinement in a house of correction for a certain period, which shall not be less than three months, nor exceed two years. Napoleon Bonaparte, Of the Rights and Respective Duties of Husband and Wife, in Geoffrey Bruun, ed., Napoleon and His Empire (New York: D. Van Nostrand, 1972), 123-124....
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