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Nutrition and Health: NSD 225 Instructor: Jane Burrell Uzcategui “Whose Got A Key” Class Meeting: Tuesday/Thursday: 3:30-4:50 PM 126 Lyman Hall Course Description: Nutrient requirements, functions, and sources. Interrelationships and application to food selection for healthy individuals. Weight control, sports nutrition and dietary supplements are discussed. Key Course Objectives: Understanding of the functions and processes of nutrients in foods and in the body. Gain “hands-on” experience in obtaining, analyzing, and interpreting dietary assessment data. Identify specific nutrition needs or concerns throughout the life cycle. Describe current nutrition recommendations related to enhanced health and prevention of disease. This is the non-major’s section Introductions What is your name? What is your major? Why are you taking this course? What influences your eating choices? Taste, quality, advertising, habits, availability, comfort, stress??? Something interesting about yourself. What is nutrition? The science of foods and their components (nutrients and substances) The relationship of food and nutrients to health and disease (actions, interactions, balances) Processes within the body (ingestion, digestion, absorption, transport, functions and disposal of end products) Social, economic, cultural and psychological implications of eating Why Do We Eat the Way We Do? Trying New Foods With enthusiasm and a sense of adventure? With fear? Food _____________________ Adults typically have about 100 basic food items that account for 75% of all intake Using Our Senses Flavor: includes ___________ and _____________ Umami: ____________________________ Texture Color Moisture Temperature Cognitive Influences: Thoughts and Feelings Habits! Comfort foods Food and affection starts at birth Discomfort foods
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Negative association with a certain food Forced to eat it as a child Got sick after eating it Food Cravings Physiologic or psychological? What foods do you crave? Do they have a nutritional value? Pica: _____________________________________________________________________________ ___ Clay, dirt, laundry starch, chalk Benefit or harm? Advertising and Promotion What foods are advertised? How are they advertised? Is advertising helpful or harmful? Social Factors Eating is a social event We learn to eat by watching our __________________ and ___________________ Religious and cultural customs Nutrition and Health Beliefs Where can you get nutrition information? If we know a food is not healthy why do we still eat it? Health beliefs Perception of ______________________ of a disease Belief that you can change or _________________illness If people feel that dietary changes will have positive results they are more likely to change behavior $$$ Food cost is the major determinant of food choice! Where you live affects food costs and types of food available
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W1 Lecture Notes-1 - Nutrition and Health: NSD 225...

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