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W3 Complementary Nutrition notes - Complementary Nutrition...

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Complementary Nutrition: Functional Foods and Supplements Functional Foods Provide health benefits beyond nutrition Phytochemicals ________________________ Neutralize free radicals Reduce heart disease, cancer risk Found in ___________, vegetables, whole _____________, and legumes, wine Phytochemicals Make Food Functional Phytochemicals make food functional Substances in plants Promote health Are not _____________________ for life Are a benefit to the plant itself Benefits of phytochemicals Anticancer activity Prevent chronic disease Phytoestrogens Neutralize free _________________ Adding phytochemicals to your diet More fruit More vegetables Make half of your grains whole Foods enhanced with functional ingredients Adding health promoting properties during processing Regulatory issues Food Drugs Dietary supplements Additives in functional foods Herbs and other novel ingredients GRAS guidelines apply: Food Additives Direct additives Added to foods for specific reason ____________ additives Unintentionally become part of a food
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Purpose of direct additives Maintain product consistency Improve or maintain nutritional value Keep food appetizing and wholesome Provide leavening Enhance flavor or color Regulation by FDA Food additives: FDA approval; manufacturer must prove ____________
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W3 Complementary Nutrition notes - Complementary Nutrition...

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