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A. Three Reasons why British came to the U.S 1. Christianity 2. Commerce 3. Civilization B. Basic needs 1. Food 2. Shelter 3. Water 4. Clothing 5. Transportation 6. Oxygen C. Dominant Group 1. Power 2. Prestige 3. Privilege Gold Trade route Drugs Culture way of thinking, decides what we believe, and how we act D. Distinctions Race Indentured (white) vs. Slaves (black) Class Children follow the mother
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Unformatted text preview: • Color • Religion • In group vs. out group (Discrimination) • Ethnicity • Stereotypes (Prescriptive vs. Descriptive) Everyone starting at the bottom of corporate ladder may not be starting at the same bottom on the corporate ladder but there is diversity • 1691 Colony of Virginia said children born to white women must pay a fine or be sentenced to 5 year of servitude...
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