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Cognitive Aspects Paper - Ryan Amann Cognitive Aspects...

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Ryan Amann Cognitive Aspects Paper 11/5/11 For my cognitive map I proposed the idea of developing a field of Psychology devoted to the analysis of social networking. Although there have been studies and articles written on the impact of social networking on individuals, on websites as qualified as, there is no official field. Advancing this field forward could bring great awareness about human existence and the changing leading-edge culture of tomorrow. The few issues I anticipate w/r/t the implementation of my idea result from my lack of social capital and knowledge of the subject. These issues are menial, I believe, as the resources and professors available at the University of Maryland are perfectly suited in dealing with such problems. It is up to me to implement my idea successfully using the obtainable means. Entrepreneurs have an especially strong need for social capital. Since entrepreneurs tend to make decisions with little to no outside consultation, every bit of social capital helps. If entrepreneurs utilize their connections, they will be able to make more informed decisions and will be more successful. Take for example an entrepreneur introducing a product. If that entrepreneur has plenty of experience in the industry they intend on entering, but no experience whatsoever with the economic and stock markets, they may want to enlist the help of an economist or stockbroker to help them determine the ideal time to enter that specific market. Although this example demonstrates the importance of social capital, it barely touches the tip of the iceberg, as the saying goes. Social capital is invaluable to an entrepreneur. As Interplay of Human and Social Capital in Entrepreneurship in Developing Countries: The Case of Uganda by Gerrit Rooks, Adam Szirmai, and Arthur Sserwanga states, “ Regarding social capital, information
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Cognitive Aspects Paper - Ryan Amann Cognitive Aspects...

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