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Psychological Traits - Running Head: ENTREPRENEURIAL...

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Running Head: ENTREPRENEURIAL PSYCHOLOGICAL TRAITS Ryan Amann 9/13/11 Psychological Traits Essay I have never been the entrepreneurial type. I was always a leader when it came to group work in school and when it came to organizing sports teams but my desire to trail- blaze ended there. In the professional workplace (for me, being a part-time sales associate at Calvin Klein) I was content with the success of the company although my manager was not. This example is hardly telling of how I live, though. I simply didn’t agree with my boss’s ideals and decided to deal with the problem with a show of indifference. This is quite atypical of me though as I tend to strive for the best in everything regardless of how I am treated. In reality I have a mindset much like that of an entrepreneur. My personal psychological traits, in regards to entrepreneurship, are incredibly similar to the typical entrepreneur. One of my traits most akin to that of an entrepreneur is my drive and perseverance. I’ve always had the unique ability to focus in the blink of an eye, when necessary, which I consider to be a crucial strength for someone attempting to run their own business. In fact, a psychic once told me that my drive would be the reason I’m potentially successful in the future. I for one am not someone that would stake anything important on the words of a psychic, though, which is why I strive to better my focus each and every day. Like successful entrepreneurs I am able to focus and isolate a certain aspect of what makes a certain business grow and earn a profit. Beyond my focus, though, my perseverance is what separates me from others. According to what Deborah Cohen said in an article on, perseverance is “basically a balance of drive and commitment, and is a critical trait for anyone working through a startup” (Cohen). This is true because entrepreneurs are some of the last people to give up in trying situations and have the vision of a certain company and are therefore able to successfully project if that company will do well or not. These entrepreneurs, as we learned in class, are not the type that easily give up and may see promise in ideas that others may not. Going along with this idea of learned perseverance is the need for achievement that entrepreneurs have. This need is deeper than simply a need for success, money, or recognition; it’s a fundamental desire to be associated with a company or an idea simply because of an intuitive urge. Take for example Bill Gates, whom we discussed in class. Bill Gates is someone that could have retired years and years ago and lived off his earnings happily until he died. Gates, however, had a need that transcended money or recognition; he had a fundamental obligation to both the betterment of society and to himself. Gates had invested so much time and energy into Microsoft that it had become one of the few hugely important things in his life. Like most successful
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Psychological Traits - Running Head: ENTREPRENEURIAL...

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