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Social Networking Psych

Social Networking Psych - Causes Outcomes 1 Can study...

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Unformatted text preview: Causes Outcomes 1. Can study personality and determine 1. Booming market [many businesses “Hit the “WWW Effects mean involved ~ 67.3% on Facebook and growing} undependent} 2. Can learn about online behavior. and as a result, interpersonal behavior 2. Market is virtually everybody [users at between individuals in real life social networks- 55.6 million adults. just less than tilt of adult population) 3' can mama mama? amine “mes a. specifically how_they dilter from real 3. General interest we 4. Potentially endless findings about humans [as endless as other Psychology fields} 4. Completely different interactions than real life. Iield deserves to be introduced 5. Very much like alternate world (some people communicate strictly on Facebook or have separate conversations than in real life: 5. Crucial to understanding modern society & the interactions o1 humans 6. Can document societal diiTerences by Develop Field of - - - - - . . . com arin online interactions with 5 PSYCh0'_°E¥ graduate degree 10" 50cm Memorkm interpergonailinteractions and determine ODWWWUQS 3"? “Bette” ‘0 9m Psyma‘ogy which societies are more emci'ent as tar between 10% and 20% in 2010 8. continue growing (Careers in psychgiow} as allocations of skills etc. (human resources type analysis} 7'. Assessment Psychology on rise. which tests peoples' skills and inadvertently, personalities (and most of these are younger and frequent social network websites) tPostgrad} Potential slow adoption Simply show relevance and explain importance using Hesitance (ease of No Knowledge of acceptance) Developing a MaJor Field of Study both causes and outoomes above Difiiculty of Implicating Some may stnrggle to understand relevance Lack of resources Enlist help of professionals [perhaps Professor James Green. it this idea interests him. I believe he has a vast amount of social capital and is a brilliant man} Talk to Psychology professors when I begin taking requrred classes for Could help add validity my Psychology major (I just declared two weeks ago] Lack of knowledge! experience about Psychlogy (limited to high school honors at AP classes) Some psychologists may soot? at importanceineoessily invest time to find investorsiassociatesr educated young Psychologists ...
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Social Networking Psych - Causes Outcomes 1 Can study...

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