Nature and Positive Aesthetics

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Ryan Amann Philosophy of the Environment Nature and Positive Aesthetics When dealing with the idea of nature and positive aesthetics I tend to strongly agree with the argument made by Aarne Kinnunen. Kinnunen claims that art has negative aesthetics and nature has positive. This makes sense to me because art is designed as an expression, yes, but an expression deserving of critique. It was originally intended for art to be analyzed and appreciated in a way completely dissimilar to that of nature. The act of analyzing nature is one that seldom occurs simply because of the way nature was created, or rather by the lack of involvement humans had in its creation. We are not to pass judgment on nature’s beauty as we were not involved in its creation. I understand this explanation of positive aesthetics w/r/t nature and Kinnunen’s point rings true to me as I’ve always been someone who recognized the inherent beauty in nature not because of its function or any particular reason; but because it has a power and consciousness best
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