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Ryan Amann BLE 2 2/17/12 Dear Sarah, Elaborative rehearsal is simple an elaborate form of memorization. It’s a memory technique more complex than just repeating a word. Elaborative rehearsal contains creating and employing a memory device such as mnemonics in an effort to make something stand out in one’s memory. For example, if you needed to learn the bones of the inner ear, you could use the acronym HAM to remember hammer, anvil, and stirrup. You could combine your pre-existing knowledge of, say, horse terms (hammer to put on horseshoes, horseshoes are made of anvil, a stirrup is a foot handle while riding horseback) with your knowledge of pig meat (HAM). Picturing this relationship and repeating its significance can help you to remember the terms. Another example is, say one has to remember all of the hockey teams in the NHL. To begin one could memorize the divisions of the NHL based on the relative regions of the U.S. After that, one could associate each city with a team name and think up an individual mnemonic for each team
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