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Ryan Amann BLE 1 2/9/11 The myth I read about involves the Catharsis theory, namely that expressing anger when thinking of the person that angered the subject is a therapeutic practice. I have found this, in personal examples, to be efficient because you are releasing all of your pent-up anger directly at the subject at whom the anger was harnessed. Any type of stress reliever is a good example of this. A stress ball reduces stress by physically focusing all angry feelings in the hand and wrist and making them physically dissipate. Although the Catharsis theory is widely acclaimed, with the stress ball being almost a direct product of the theory; the study I read about disproves its effectiveness. To conduct the study I read about Brad Bushman utilized three groups. He designed a rumination group (hit a punching bag and thought about the person that angered them), a distraction group (hit a punching bag and thought about becoming physically fit), and a control group (no punching bag). After the first two groups took a
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