Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity - find out their intention and find out...

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Ryan Amann University 100 Journal #2-Academic Integrity First off I want to say that I think people who are academically dishonest are weak. These people didn’t look ahead enough to know they had to study for something or were simply too lazy to study (which leads to cheating) and were irresponsible. I think most people that are academically dishonest are lazy. They don’t realize how much trouble they could potentially get in and they don’t put in the effort required to complete a task. If someone is academically dishonest they aren’t only hurting themselves, but also the person they are, essentially, stealing from. I think all types of cheating, plagiarizing, or anything of the sort is unhelpful (for all parties) and largely unnecessary. So much more is to be gained by picking up a book and studying or citing things correctly. I think a first year student should be given a break and possibly interviewed to
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Unformatted text preview: find out their intention and find out why the situation happened. I don’t believe first year students should be expelled or have anything significant happen to them because you never know how much emphasis their high school or secondary school put on academic integrity. Some schools may just have glazed over the subject, in which case it is not the student’s fault. If I didn’t know any better I would have wrongly cited things all my life unaware of what I was doing. Students do not always deserve the blame and universities should understand that. I didn’t know anyone that personally had a run in with academic integrity although I have heard stories of people getting thrown out of colleges or high schools as a result of an academic dishonesty-type violation. Overall I don’t think it is a big deal unless it is deliberate and I think it should be less of a pressing issue in schools and universities....
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Academic Integrity - find out their intention and find out...

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