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Ryan Amann Journal #4 – Responsible Decision Making 11/10/11 Although I have made many well-informed and responsible decisions since I’ve been here at UMD, there has been at least one questionable one that I can recall. One such instance was after Daylgow, which is essentially a gigantic paint party with techno music. Yes, it was awesome. But the bad decision occurred after the concert ended. My two friends and I realized that everybody else had left about 45 minutes before we had and took the bus back. By the time we wanted to leave, there were no more buses running back to the University Book Store (where we had left from). This meant that we had to find an alternate way home. Luckily, one of the kids I was with was familiar with the
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Unformatted text preview: metro and we were able to get back home by using it. Although the situation ended out perfectly I did regret my decision. I should have been more informed about the bus leaving times and should have made the responsible decision. Everything turned out okay, but it just as easily could have been a terrible situation. If I had to do this differently I just would have found out what time the last bus was coming and make sure I was ready for it. My lack of knowledge was the mistake that almost resulted in my being stuck at Dayglow or was the reason I almost had to call a taxi. The point is that there may not be another chance before something bad happens so I need to be more observant and think things through more before I act....
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