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Journal 3 - Being off campus isn’t as different as I...

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Ryan Amann 10/5/11 #3-Mid Semester Check In Dear Professor Smith, So far the first six weeks of college have been great. I’ve met tons of people and started to learn what types of classwork and homework are expected. My favorite class so far is ENES because the professor is incredible. He tells partial stories about his past business ventures and has a great deal of knowledge and experience on the subject. Also he’s gotten me excited about the prospect of starting (potentially) my own company and has me looking at the world through a different lens; an entrepreneurial visionary-type lens. He’s the type of professor I expected in college and the kind that makes you think in a more creative and opportunistic way. With his type of leadership and genius I could really see myself enjoying his class in the long run.
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Unformatted text preview: Being off campus isn’t as different as I initially thought it might be. I enjoy being able to bond with people on various floors because we’re all like a big community. I feel like people in the View and Varsity are much closer than those in the dorms. Also, the difference in standard of living between the View and the dorms is tremendous. The View has some extremely spacious and comfortable rooms and is completely superior to the dorms. Overall I greatly enjoy being a resident in the View, I feel fortunate to have been chosen for this program. I love college this far, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Although I miss my family, I’m adjusting well. The friendliness and intrigue of the students that constantly surround me is incredible, and is what makes me proud to be a Terp....
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