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case reading #1 - MGT 415 1/29/12 Case Analysis #1 This...

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Unformatted text preview: MGT 415 1/29/12 Case Analysis #1 This first case analysis is about Michael Eisner who was the CEO of Disney. They start the Case off with Eisner’s past which, until the last few years with Disney, were pretty impressive. Eisner worked in many jobs that led up to becoming the CEO and chairman of Disney, but his most successful job was before Disney was his work at Paramount Pictures. As the president, Eisner was able to transform Paramount into a highly profitable company. His work at Paramount Pictures is what eventually led him to become CEO of Disney. As Eisner continued to work at Disney his reputation was diminishing and was soon to be hated by a lot of his coworkers. After reading about his accomplishments, and then reading about his failures, a question of what happened arose. How did this very successful businessman soon become rated one of the world’s worst leaders by Forbes magazine? I go on to explain that primary problem that faced Eisner is his inability to get supporters on his ideas. Even though they didn’t go into much detail about their relationship, I believe that Frank Well’s death has something to do with the company losing trust in Eisner. I go on to discuss his leadership qualities as I perceive them and then explain why the loss of Frank made Eisner’s followers uncertain about his performance in the future considering they made such a good team in the past. As a result, the best choice of action would be either to get rid of him or, better yet, help him improve his flaws through training. Part of his job doesn’t require any training because it’s more of a decision making job. But another aspect of his job is communicating and building relationships, which he seemed to struggle in during the later years of his job The fundamental problem that Eisner faced was the loss of his job and credibility due to the lack of communication and relationship. Before we go into this, let’s first talk about Eisner....
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case reading #1 - MGT 415 1/29/12 Case Analysis #1 This...

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