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Exam 3 study guide - Correlations o interpreting...

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PSY 205-02 Exam 3 Study Guide Chp 13 Qualitative and Mixed Methods Research Validity in qualitative research (except not internal or external validity) 4 Qualitative Methods: Phenomenology Ethnography Case Study Grounded Theory Chp 14 Descriptive Statistics analyzing nominal and ordinal data analyzing interval or ratio data Frequency Distributions (normal, skewed) Measures of central tendency o mode, median, mean Variability o range, variance, standard deviation Z-scores Chp 15 Inferential statistics
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Unformatted text preview: Correlations o interpreting correlations Hypothesis Testing o What are you testing? Null/Alternative Directional/non-directional o How sure do you want to be? (Significance) Alpha (); Significance level p values o t-tests Finding the critical and test statistic values o Interpretation of results Which hypothesis is supported? Type I and II errors o Practical vs. Clinical significance **additionally you should know the various statistical symbols we have learned: N __ X s s r SS...
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Exam 3 study guide - Correlations o interpreting...

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