HW2_Plate tectonics

HW2_Plate tectonics - (if any) on the map or cross...

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HW # 3 Plate Tectonics Attached is the map portion of a 3-dimensional diagram of three major tectonic plates (labeled plates 1 through 3) carrying two different continents: “Bella Casa” and “Mirabella”. The large arrows in the middle of the diagram indicate the direction of plate movement; the dashed lines represent the limits of different marine magnetic anomalies (normal vs. reverse); the numbers (e.g. 50 Ma) refer to the ages of the oceanic crust at the designated locations given in millions of years; A through F are volcanic cones; some on land, others in the ocean. I- On the diagram, please complete the cross-sectional view, then label the following features
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Unformatted text preview: (if any) on the map or cross sectional view: 1-Divergent plate boundaries 2-Convergent plate boundaries 3-Transform plate boundaries 4-Mid-oceanic ridges 5-Trenches 6-Volcanic arcs 7-Island arcs 8-Volcanic islands 9-Mantle plume (subsurface; will appear on cross section) 10- Subducted slab (subsurface; will appear on cross section only) II-Which of the two plates 1 and 2 is moving faster? III-Explain in detail the reasons for your answer in II above. IV-If you know that only one of volcanoes D, E, and F was active, which one would you choose? Give reasons for your answer. V-From a Plate Tectonic point of view, which continent is safer to live on? Why?...
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HW2_Plate tectonics - (if any) on the map or cross...

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