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Names: _______________ _______________________ _ GLY 110 Homework Problem # 4 Due date: Friday, Oct 31 A rhyolite and a pure limestone are exposed to weathering in a temperate (mild to warm and somewhat humid, but not tropical) area receiving significant amounts of rainfall. Assuming that both rocks have been exposed to the same conditions of weathering for an equal period time, and that the rain water in this area is to some extent acidic: (i) Which of these two rock types will weather more easily? (ii) Explain the most important processes involved in weathering
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Unformatted text preview: each of these two rock types. Please be as specific as possible. (Hint: focus on chemical weathering, and think of the minerals contained in each rock, and how each will weather). (iii) Which of these two rock types will produce a thicker soil upon weathering? Why? (iv) What are the products (i.e. minerals, ions, etc.) of weathering of each of these two rock types? Which of these products are likely to remain in the soil (i.e. are residual)?...
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