Lab 7 - Opal, Garnet (M-3), Sodalite (SOD), Fluorite. B-...

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Geology 318: Mineralogy El-Shazly, 2003 Lab 7 Optical identification of Minerals Selected Isotropic and Uniaxial minerals 1- List the optical properties of the following minerals and/or mineraloids (under plane and crossed polarized light): A- Isotropic:
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Unformatted text preview: Opal, Garnet (M-3), Sodalite (SOD), Fluorite. B- Uniaxial minerals: Quartz, Calcite (Cc), Apatite, Beryl (BL), Brucite, Rutile. 2- Find crystals of Quartz and Apatite in samples 7 or 13. Point these out to your instructor in the lab....
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