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Geol 318: Mineralogy El-Shazly, 2002 Lab 4 Optical properties of Silica minerals, Feldspars, and Feldspathoids 1- Determine the optical properties of the following minerals: (you have already worked on quartz and sodalite; they are listed here because they belong to the respective groups studied in this lab). Pull out hand specimens of these samples from the mineralogy collection and examine them simultaneously.
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Unformatted text preview: Silica minerals Quartz Chalcedony Feldspars Alkali Feldspars Orthoclase Microcline Albite Plagioclase Feldspars Albite Oligoclase Labradorite (2 thin sections, labradorite & LBD) Anorthite Feldspathoids Leucite (44-5076) Sodalite Nepheline 2-How can you tell the following minerals apart (in hand specimen and thin section): Albite – Anorthite - Orthoclase – Microcline – Nepheline – Quartz....
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