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CSE 459.24 – Programming in C# Roger Crawfis In-Class Worksheet #1 You should have Visual Studio 2008 open. 1. Create a new Project either from the shortcut on the Start page or through the file menu, 2. Select the type to be a C# Console Project 3. In the Location textbox, enter your desired hard drive location. Note, that this will be on the mounted z: drive in the CSE environment. 4. Select OK. 5. The Program.cs file should have been created and opened automatically. 6. Take some time to familiarize yourself with the IDE. I usually work with the Solution View (rather than the Class view) to the right, with the Properties View underneath it. 7. Clean-up some of the automated code: a. Remove all of the using statements from the top of Program.cs b. In the Solution Explorer (View->Solution Explorer), expand the Properties and the References tree views. c. In the References, select everything but System and System.Core. Right-click and select Remove. 8. Configure the IDE: a. Open the Options dialogue (Tools->Options). b. Under Fonts and Colors, change the Text Editor Font Size to your liking (I’m old so I use a bigger font). c. Under Help, Change the Search results per page to 50. d. Expand Help, under Online, uncheck Questions. In Codezone uncheck sites you do not want to see content from (I only use C# Corner, CodeGuru and DevX). e. Scroll down to Text Editor and expand it to find the C# options. Under General, check the box to show line numbers. f. Explore the other options available and click OK when done. 9.
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WorkSheet1 - CSE 459.24 Programming in C In-Class...

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