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1 - 1.Studying Managerial finance can help me to be a...

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1.Studying Managerial finance can help me to be a smarter consumer and a wiser investor with my own money. Also, it will improve my chance of success in my chosen business career. 2. Managers in the firm, regardless of the their job, usually have to provide financial justification for the resources they need to do their job. People in all areas of responsibility need a basic awareness of finance through studying managerial finance, so they will understand how to quantify the consequences of their actions. 3. An important theme of corporate governance is to ensure the accountability of managers in an organization through mechanism that try to reduce or eliminate the principal-agent problem; however, when these mechanisms fail agency problems arise. A firm’s corporate governance structure is intended to help ensure that managers act in the best interests of the firm’s shareholders, and other stakeholders, and it is usually influenced by both internal and external factors.
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