7.6 Reading Comprehension

7.6 Reading Comprehension - The Official Guide for GMAT'...

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Unformatted text preview: The Official Guide for GMAT' Review 11th Edition 76 Reading Comprehension Answer Explanations The following discussion of reading comprehension is intended to familiarize you with the most efficient and effective aproaches to the kinds of problems common to reading comprehension. The particular questions in this chapter are generally representative of the kinds of reading comprehension questions you will encounter on the GMAT . Remember that it is the problem solving strategy that is important, not the specific details of a particular question. Questions 1-7 refer to the passage on page 346. 1. Which of the following most accurately states the main idea of the passage? A) Naked mole rat colonies are the only known examples of cooperatively breeding vertebrate societies. B) Naked mole rat colonies exhibit social organization based on a rigid caste system. C) Behavior in naked mole rat colonies may well be a close vertebrate analogue to behavior in eusocial insect societies. D) The mating habits of naked mole rats differ from those of any other vertebrate species. E) The basis for the division of labor among naked mole rats is the same as that among eusocial insects. Main idea Main idea questions require a true statement about the major focus of the passage. From its opening sentence, this passage depends on a comparison between eusocial insect societies and naked mole rat colonies. Thus, the statement of the main idea must include both those species. The answer to a main idea question should never contain incorrect statements of fact. AInsects and mole rats are not compared; incorrect statement contradicts lines 36-37. BSpecies are not compared; incorrect statement contradicts lines 23-27. CCorrect. This statement of the main idea does include both species, and it is consistent with the facts presented in the passage. DMole rats are compared to other vertebrate species rather than to insect societies; incorrect statement contradicts lines 33-36. The Official Guide for GMAT?' Review 11th Edition E While mole rats are compared to insect societies, the comparison is done incorrectly, contradicting the third paragraph. The correct answer is C. 2. The passage suggests that Jarvis's work has called into question which of the following explanatory variables for naked mole rat behavior? Size Age Reproductive status Rate of growth Previously exhibited behavior Inference The fact that an inference must be made is indicated by the word suggests in the question. What does the passage say about Jarvis's work? It is mentioned in just one sentence in the passage (lines 33-35); Jarvis posits that growth rate may affect how long any individual rat performs a task, regardless of its age. Thus, it can be inferred that the variable that Jarvis ' s work calls into question is...
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7.6 Reading Comprehension - The Official Guide for GMAT'...

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