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McGill University Canadian Studies CANS 200: INTRODUCTION TO THE STUDY OF CANADA Fall 2011 Professor: Elsbeth Heaman ( Office: Department of History, 490 Ferrier Office Hours: Wednesdays 2-4 Course Description This course is an introduction to the methods and ideas that scholars have applied to and derived from the study of Canada. Films and readings, field trips and guest speakers—including some of McGill's and Montreal’s leading scholars of Canada—will supplement the regular lectures and introduce you to the anthropology, history, sociology of Canada, its political, literary, and cultural study. The course is comparative and general. We invite you to join us in exploring the study of Canada today. A Webct page is available for the course. We will use this page to make information available to you and you can use it to communicate with instructors or with other students. All assignments must be submitted electronically into a Webct dropbox. Course Evaluation 10% Midterm 40% Research Essay on a Canadian symbol. Due November 18 at the start of class. 2000 words 10% Participation and attendance 40% Final Examination. Take-home exam due during the final exam period The midterm exam will cover the history of Canada. It will consist of ten dates. Students will write one paragraph for each date to identify the major event or events of that year and their significance. Answers must be given in proper sentences. The research essay will build upon the analysis of symbols by Daniel Francis in National Dreams . Students will choose an important Canadian symbol, undertake research into it, and analyse its appeal and coherence. You must discuss your choice of symbol with your instructor in advance and we will suggest some books or articles to begin the process of research. Late essays will not be accepted without documented cause such as illness and students must apply for late submission before the due date. All essays will be published on the class website at MyCourses. You may find
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Cans%20200%202011 - McGill University Canadian Studies CANS...

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