Intro to the Study of Canada Conference Notes

Intro to the Study of Canada Conference Notes - Intro to...

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Intro to the Study of Canada Conference Notes Paper du November 18 th -2000 words, roughly 18 pages -Speaking of a lot of Canada as a Myth and Hockey in the past. So pick a symbol from the book. -What is my Thesis, What do I want to say. Start at the vary basic. Use the book as examples of how it functions. -Try picking a subject that has no gloss. A different view of hockey. -Point out 3-4 arguments that you will point out in the introduction. This will split your work into 3 or 4 sections. -Minimum 5 scholarly sources -When to quote directly: Using someone else’s argument to build upon yours. Thompson argues that Canadian were selfeish. -indirect: Severeal Canadians writer think Canadians came from France. Chapter 1: The myth of the Canadian Pacific Railways The railway is what created the myth of Canada by expanding Canada as a wilderness adventure where you will see Indians, nature and vast land. The railway helped promote our Canada as a beautiful peaceful area. In Canada, we do not have a July 4 th , which really shows our independence like the Americans do. Even though we have Canada day, it does not really show independence. It simply reveals our confederation. -Canada was the last best west -Canada took over the Indian most of the rights -Canada was an Indian Country -Canada was an imperial highway linking Britain and its colonial colonies. Chapter 2: The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) RCMP is known as the Canadian most renowned Symbol. We have to see them as a Canadian tourist symbol. Chapter 3: Myth of the Master Race The idea of what Canada was trying to frame. In school, every subject was to reinforce British tradition. A talk about how Canadian history is thought. Talks about Victoria Day and how it was just a holiday in Toronto that became a Canadian holiday. As Canadian society became less and less British, Canada is now multicultural and we believe that is our Canada and not British. Chapter 4: The Myth of Unity In 1970, we learned that way that English were stronger population and French and that French’s are lucky that we are part of their Country because they saved us from our alliance to France.
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However, it serves the purpose of Canada to have Quebec as part of it because it gives them the opportunity to say that Canada is the only official bilingual Country. Also talks about the perception of Quebec as not being part of the Nation and how saying we are all one unity is not the actual way things goes. Toby Morantz will be on the Exam. Individual Rights vs Aboriginal Rights P.64 Morantz make the argument that ingigenous people have been invisible regarding their rights and population. Oka Crisis in 1990 went on for many days. This region wanted to build a golf course on native land and this is when the issue came to eyes between aboriginal people and the Canadian society. Instead of dealing it face to face in Canada, we get behind rules and constitution. What came out of this commission was that there were 4 main categories of
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Intro to the Study of Canada Conference Notes - Intro to...

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