POLI_221_december2007 - Faculty of Arts Final Examination...

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Unformatted text preview: Faculty of Arts Final Examination POLI 221 Government of Canada Examiner: Richard Schultz Date: December 18, 2007 Associate Examiner: Elisabeth Gidengil Time: 9:00am - noon Instructions: This examination is three (3) hours. Answer in exam booklet. No notes or text allowed. Pleaseiput the name of your Teaching Assistant (Andrew Brammer or Marc-Andre Gosselin) and the time and day of your Conference on the cover of your first exam book. Please write legibly (illegible writing works to your disadvantage) and double-space your answers. Dictionaries are permitted in the examination room. This examination comprises 2 pages, not including the cover page. This examination does not have to be returned. POLI 221 Page 1 Answer all 4 Parts. Part 1: (recommended time: 15 minutes) Identify Six (6) of the following (3 marks): Honour and enthusiasm Opting out 5 conditions Bill of Rights regional veto resolution water-tight compartments 1 949 Section 28 Third order of government Gang of eight Part 2: (recommended time: 30 minutes) Identify and indicate the significance of Six (6) of the following (6 marks): Renew the constitution Hierarchy of rights Shared cost programs Vriend National dimension Five year period Executive federalism Court party Reasonable limits Plan B POLI 221 Part 3. (1 hour) Answer two (2) of the following three questions (16 marks: each answer is worth 8 marks) (recommended time per question: 30 minutes) The past 25 years have been described as an era of mega-constitutional politics. What does this mean? What have been the consequences of such politics for the Canadian political system? “Federalism in the classic sense has never existed in Canada." What is "classical federalism"? Contrast it with developments in the Canadian federal system since World War II. "The coming into effect of the Charter was, by a very large margin, the most important change ever effected in the Canadian constitutional system." Assess this claim. I L Part 4: (1 hour) Answer one of the following (15 marks): 1. "The most elemental and persisting tradition of the Canadian constitutional system is executive dominance over the governmental process." (D.V. Smiley) What evidence is there to support this statement? What are the positive and negative aspects to such dominance? What changes, if any, would you propose to correct "executive dominance"? "If courts ever do govern our lives, it will be because of the failure and default of other political institutions." Discuss. "Almost every political institution in Canada is less effective than it should be." Discuss making reference to at least three major political institutions. ...
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POLI_221_december2007 - Faculty of Arts Final Examination...

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