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Unformatted text preview: Information Systems MGCR 331 Fall 2010 C.E. Excel assignment - Grading sheet Monday Class 1st person Student No & Name: Value Comment Other (a) Step 1: 2 Step 2: 1 Step 3: 1 Step 4: 1 Step 5: 1.5 Step 6: 2 Step 7: 0.8 Step 8: 1.2 Step 9: 3 Step 9 not done (-3). Other: Other (b) Subtotal Subtotal is only given for more complex total mark calculations Total 13 Marked by: Date: Section class (Monday, Tuesday or Saturday) 2nd person Student No and Name: Your mark (Full value if blank or checked) Reduction of -0.2 each for not identifying your section, name and/or student number at the top of Step 1 Links to other workbooks not submitted to webct ( ). This may effect what is being marked. Cell linking missing (-.3). Incompleted columns, calculation(s) missing/wrong or do not match to the penny (-.5). Improper formatting (0.3). Conditional formatting not right (-.3) No SUMIF or CountIF(-.3). Missing day of the name of the agent with single biggest Sales value (-.3). Other Missing or wrong selection for Part 2b (-.2), Part 2c (-.2), Part 2d (-.4). Wrong sequence (-.2). Wrong or missing criteria (-.3). Data table repeated in Step 2 (-.1) Other: Missing, not shown as a Pivot table, or wrong results. Pivot #1 (-.3), Pivot #2 (-.3), Pivot #3 (-.2), Pivot #4 (-.2). Formatting and/or layout of output (-.2). Pivot #4 does not show most recent date (-1) Not done (-1) Sort order wrong (-.3). SubTotal display does not have the required number of levels (-.4) Not displayed in Subtotal format (-.9) 5b - Pie chart missing (-.5). % Formatting not with 2 decimal places (-.2) 5c - Column bar chart missing missing (-.5) or improper values and/or format (-.3) 5d - Column bar chart with 2nd y axis (-.5) or scale(s) is/are wrong (-.2). Not a stacked bar. 5e - XY chart with trend line missing (-.5). Trend line does not cover earlier and/or following years (-.3) 5f - Pie of a Pie chart missing (-.5) or incorrect (-.3). Optional Stock chart Column chart with photos Data table repeated in Step 6 (-.1) 6a&b DCount and/or DAverage values are missing or wrong (-.8). 6c Expression wrong or missing: Modified name (-.5). Not sorted (-.2). Wrong or missing elapsed time (-.3). Elapsed time not properly formatted (-.3). Amount due wrong/missing (-.3). Step 7 not done (-.8). Part a not done or not working (-.4) . Part b not done or not working (-.4) No symbol point to cell (-.2) Cells not identified as to where to apply data validation (-.2): Step 8 not done (-1.2) Solver Answer is wrong (-.5). Solver Answer Report sheet not provided (-.4). Solver Answer Report Target cell is not Profit per bottle (-.3). Reduction for the mutiple workbooks, sheets in your workbook not according instructions (e.g. order of sheets, too many sheets, data repeated where it should not have been, etc. (up to -.5)) Assignment # 1 - Excel - Fall 2010 Be sure to change the values in the tables below as per instructions....
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Excel_Assignment_FINAL_Fayad - Information Systems MGCR 331...

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