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Good theory paper example - Student # 119651753 Van der...

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Student # 119651753 Van der walde, Patrick Tuesday evening class November 2, 2010 This paper is to explain to the reader what cloud computing is in simple terms and also to state some of the benefits, impacts and issues that are related to it. As there are many variations according to experts as to what is the actual true definition, I will state a simple definition of what cloud computing is. “Cloud computing is defined as a dynamic provisioning of IT capabilities (hardware, software, or services) from third parties over a network.” [Fogarty, 2009] Cloud computing is a computing model, not a technology. “In this model of computing, all the servers, networks, applications and other elements related to data centers are made available to IT and end users via the Internet, in a way that allows IT to buy only the type and amount of computing services that they need ”[Fogarty,2009]. Think of it as a one-stop shop for all your needs when addressing capacity and speed issues. Cloud computing can offer quicker and convenient access to a larger array of services for those in IT. This will bring better value and offer companies more efficient ways of upgrading their services and even help in saving costs. Those who would benefit mostly from this are companies who have the infrastructure-budget and manpower to absorb such a platform of
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Good theory paper example - Student # 119651753 Van der...

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