Course Outline WINTER 2011 Jan to April _1

Course Outline WINTER 2011 Jan to April _1 - Department of...

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                 Department of Career and Management Studies     /             COURSE OUTLINE    Course Name: ORGANIZATIONAL POLICY MGCR 423 – 781 WINTER 2011 Instructor: John Lukca Contact Information: Email: Phone office: (514) 3 8 2 - 3 2 6 0 Course Description: Focus on the primary functions of general management: the formation of a corporate strategy that relates the company’s opportunities to its resources, competence and leadership style. Measures to improve organizational effectiveness. Course Objectives: To give the student a better appreciation of the challenges and means of establishing overall corporate organizational policy in different industries and different stages of organizational maturity. The course will include the analysis of the major forces driving organizations and explore mission development, goal selection, policy and strategy formulation for the benefit of clients and other stakeholders. The course will cover situations confronting senior managers in a competitive environment and will include such topics as the identification and evaluation of strategic alternatives, the management of control processes for increased productivity, etc. We will expose students to practical policy problems and responsibilities that effect managers in a variety of situations. We will be using pragmatic approaches and developing practical solutions to the kinds of complex, untidy and often intractable policy problems that managers in the “real world” must deal with every day. We will be striving to develop in the student an approach to dealing with these issues using “strategic management” techniques. These techniques will require the students to examine present and future operating environments for the organization, formulate its objectives, and make, implement and control decisions focused on achieving these objectives in the present and future environments. Our primary objective, therefore, is less to leave the student with an array of formal ideas and techniques, but to develop the capacity to analyze strategic environmental situations, develop alternate courses of action and evaluate the potential advantages and disadvantages of these courses of action. Our secondary objective is to develop in students the capacity to describe organizational phenomena clearly and concisely, and to discuss solutions to others in a way that promotes free expression and sharing of ideas. Course Outline: A detailed course outline of the topics to be covered during the course appears on last page. It will allow you to gain an overview of the subject content and indicates the various readings for class preparation and due dates for the case presentation and the hand-in assignment. Texts:
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Course Outline WINTER 2011 Jan to April _1 - Department of...

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