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Presentation What are Extra valu stores (1 st slide ) They sell food like : o Baby Food o Meat o Vegetables o Dairy products o Bakery Products o Baking Soda o Canned Fruits and Vegetables o Canned Meats o Canned Soups o Cereals o Citrus Products o Coffee o Condiments o Confectionary Products o Crackers o Dairy Products o Dried Fruits and Raisins o Dried Peas and Beans (Pulses) o Ethnic Foods o Frozen Cakes and Pastries o Frozen Fruits and Vegetables o Frozen Juices o Frozen Prepared Foods o Honey o Ingredients for Food Processors and Manufacturers o Mayonnaise o Pasta and Macaroni o Salad and Cooking Oil o Salad Dressing o Shelled Nuts o Soft Drinks and Sodas In addition, they also have new departments like convenience and frozen foods, delicatessens, in store bakeries, snack bars etc. Also, some of their prototype stores in the 40,000-50,000 square foot range also devote about 30 percent of their floor area for non-food items such as: -hobby items -inexpensive children’s apparel -health and beauty aids -home cleaning products
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-tobacco and so on What we’re here for: It is not a surprise to any of you to see us here considering you are all aware of the closing of the Farnham road store as well as the Hudson Street store which are in your area. Over the past 5 years, Extra value has been phasing out its older, smaller stores. Food retailing was very competitive and small free-standing stores were not as profitable as large stores in mall locations. Over the last 5 years, it closed 40 small old stores (which is one fifth of the total number in operation) and replaced them with units more than 3 times times as large on average. (25,000-30,000 square feet gross floor versus 6,000-8,000 square feet)
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What are Extra valu stores-1 - Presentation What are Extra...

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