Essa Topics - ESSAY TOPICS POLI212 These are suggested...

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ESSAY TOPICS POLI212 These are suggested topics. You are entirely free to choose one of your own, on the condition that your choice is approved either by your TA or by me. Please also keep in mind that these are suggested questions – they will need fine-tuning by you before they constitute a research question around which you can develop an argument. Talk to me or your TA about how to fine-tune a topic from this suggested list. The length of the paper is 8-10 pages of text, notes and references, double-spaced. The paper should be tight, analytical, to the point, precisely argued and well-written, with attention to sentence and paragraph structure and spelling. This is an exercise in analytical thinking. Begin your paper by setting out a puzzle or problem that you will solve, or a claim or proposition that you will defend. Of course, you will need to do library research but the important thing is your analysis. Remember 8-10 pages: Make the words count. Cite when you need to; citations can follow one of several styles (parenthetical references in text, or footnotes, or endnotes) as long as you are consistent through the paper. Use the internet very carefully when, or if, you use it. Never use Wikipedia. For internet sources, include the date that you accessed the website. There is no magic number of “required” sources. I would think between 5 and 10 (absolute tops) sources would in most cases be about right. Please refrain from referring to lecture notes or reading notes. But use reading material from the course
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Essa Topics - ESSAY TOPICS POLI212 These are suggested...

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