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POLI-243 CONFERENCE NOTES 16:21 [email protected] No presentations Realism: important Liberalism: important Constructivism: important We need to be able to apply theories we learn to cases. Realism : Most widespread paradigm and says states are the most important actors. It is a paradigm since it covers a whole lot of theories all together. Anarchic: there is no formal government, no hierarchy that sits above the states. States are the primary actors Rational unitary actors: they try to maximize their utility Survival is the primary goal Balance of Power: either weaker states group together (United states could be considered as the Hegemon since they basically dictate what happens). If you join U.S. than you are bandwagoning. All this fits in determining the balance of power and how different states decide to play it out. What differs in Classical Realism : Human nature is selfish and their primary goal is survival and classical reuse this to say that states are the same in a fact that they want to survive as a primary goal.
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Structural Neorealism: The structure of the international system is what determines states behavior. What matters is how much power states have to decide what directions they will go. (Military power, Economic power which influences a lot of things) Only thing that matters is your military capabilities and how you can change your money into Military capabilities. X+A+B—>C The structure and the abilities give you an outcome that decides what approach the states will take. For Waltz, the only things that matter is the relative power each states has. Hegemony: Example: Great Britain was the hegemon and because of their navy they were the most powerful. When GB defeated napoleon, they defeated mercantilism and they instituted a system that would benefit them the most and other states did not really have a choice to accept at the time. So once the other capabilities of the other states became strong enough, they fought GB to become the new hegemon. MIDTERM: Usually a question about comparing two theories to a case study and tell which one
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