Poli-243 Final Exam Winter 2005

Poli-243 Final Exam Winter 2005 - FACULTY OF ARTS FINAL...

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FACULTY OF ARTS FINAL EXAMINATION POLITICAL SCIENCE 243 INTERNATIONAL POLITICS OF ECONOMIC RELATIONS Examiner: Prof. M. Brawley April 25, 2004 Associate Examiner: Prof. S. Saideman 9 am – 12 pm Instructions: Write answers in exam booklets only. Notes or books are not allowed. This exam comprises 2 pages (not including this title page).
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FINAL EXAM POLITICAL SCIENCE 243 Part I. IDENTIFICATIONS (worth 5% of the total course mark) Each item below represents an important concept, example or person from the course. Briefly explain what the item is, and discuss its significance in this class. Answer any FOUR from this list. Werner Report Sir John A. Macdonald unipolarity Kiichi Miyazawa Modern World Systems Approach comparative advantage “basket currency” externality Part II. ESSAY ON READINGS (worth 15% of the total course mark) Answer ONE of the following questions in essay form (including an introduction, thesis, and conclusion). Avoid answering in “point form.” 1. What is the difference between Moravcsik’s version of Liberalism and Classical Liberalism? How do Moravcsik’s ideas borrow from other paradigms? 2. E.H. Carr is considered one of the pioneers of Realism. What did he think Realism had to offer? Has Realism lived up to these expectations? 3. In Keohane’s article on “the demand for regimes,” he argues against the importance of power in the formation of international regimes. What factors does he point to instead? How have his arguments shaped our thinking in international political economy?
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Poli-243 Final Exam Winter 2005 - FACULTY OF ARTS FINAL...

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