POLI-243 Second Midterm 2002

POLI-243 Second Midterm 2002 - payments in 1987 What was...

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Prof. Brawley PS 160-243B McGill University Winter 2002 SECOND MIDTERM EXAMINATION Directions: The exam must be completed in the time allotted for class (i.e. between 1:35 and 2:25). The room must be vacated before 2:30, so exams will not be accepted after that time. Include the name of your TA on the cover of your exam booklet. Students may retain this question sheet. Part I. IDENTIFICATIONS (worth 5% of the total course mark) Answer any TWO . Each item below represents an important concept, example, or contributor to international political economy. Briefly explain what the significance of the item or person is for this class. Cruzado Plan ISI fixed exchange rates Mundell-Fleming IMF Part II. ESSAY (worth 20% of the total course mark) Answer ONE . Be sure to answer all parts of the question. Readings should be cited where appropriate. 1. What were the intended aims of Brazil’s declaration of a moratorium on interest
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Unformatted text preview: payments in 1987? What was the moratorium supposed to do, domestically and internationally? What insights does this discussion give us for explaining the reasoning behind this decision? What were its actual results? 2. What systemic factors shaped South Korea’s decision to pursue EOI in the 1960s? How do these fit with realist theories? How do they fit with Liberal theories form the systemic level? Which are more persuasive? 3. In economically developing countries, the small size of the industrial sector typically shapes the relative strength of the various interest groups competing to influence policy. How did these groups vary between Brazil in the 1980s and South Korea in the early 1960s? Which groups were capable of pressuring the state?...
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